OMNITECHIT joins the ELITE Network
12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018

Today, OMNITECHIT will become part of the ELITE Network, the international program of the London Stock Exchange Group born in Borsa Italiana in 2012 with the collaboration of Confindustria and dedicated to ambitious companies with a solid business model and a clear growth strategy.

Elite reaches the milestone of 1000 companies from over 30 different countries.

ELITE today welcomes 35 new Italian companies admitted to the program for companies with high growth potential. The new Italian companies that start this journey, come from 9 different regions and operate in different sectors including fashion, industry and technology, to further confirm ELITE’s capacity and ability to represent the real economy.

Luca Peyrano, ELITE CEO said: We are very pleased to welcome OmnitechIT in Elite, which has reached a quote of 1000 companies. This is an important milestone that represents a new starting point for us to achieve even more ambitious goals. In just six years, ELITE has become a global program covering over 30 countries and aims to accelerate the process of growth and internationalization of companies. We have defined a new model of relationship with entrepreneurs, where the needs of the company are at the centre and where the content is privileged to form, simplicity and bureaucracy.

We have a neutral and independent approach to the choices of financing and openness to the capital market on the part of the company quotation, the issuance of a bond, the opening to a private equity. In ELITE You come first of all to grow and finance remains at service of ideas and ambitions of company growth.

Giancarlo Pasquali, OMNITECHIT CFO represented the Company in today’s celebrative event, and expressed the joy for joining the Elite network, because:

This will help our Company have better access to networks, capital and investors across national and international Financial Markets. These resources are key to support our future expansion programs.


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