Roberto Mignemi CEO of the Year at the Le Fonti Awards 2018
26 Nov 2018
26 Nov 2018

We at OmnitechIT are proud that our CEO Roberto Mignemi won the prestigious award as the CEO Of The Year for IT Security Innovation, held by Le Fonti Awards. The ceremony took place in Milan at Palazzo Mezzanotte on November 22nd, 2018.

How WE WON and what does this victory mean for OMNITECHIT?

Le Fonti Awards Comitee: “We chose to award Mr. Roberto Mignemi as the CEO of The Year for his more than 10 yearlong leadership as the CEO of OmnitechIT, which has led the company in becoming a booming reality and the leader in the IT Security services industry. For his ability to guide the company in a strategic way focusing on innovation and creating a competitive reality for both the Italian and international markets.”

Roberto Mignemi, OmnitechIT CEO: “I am very proud to have received this important award as the CEO of the Year 2018. Although it is an individual award, I sincerely feel that this victory was an OMNITECHIT TEAM victory, because behind the OmnitechIT brand, there are now hundreds of people who work together, each one with great expertise and effort, to achieve heights that would be unattainable otherwise. This is how we achieve our goals: together! “

Giovanni Giovannetti, OmnitechIT Sales Director: “Le Fonti Awards was a marvelous event, and we at OmnitechIT are extremely proud to have participated among the best Italian companies selected by the jury. The victory of our CEO Roberto Mignemi as the CEO of the Year was the culmination of our evening. We at OmnitechIT recognize Roberto Mignemi as our leader and visionary, and it is extremely important that our organizational growth and evolution in the recent years has been recognized at national level, which means that WE are growing in the right direction!”

Ing. Giuseppe Cifalà, OmnitechIT Sales Manager : “Roberto is a point of reference for both his employees and customers. Leadership, market vision and customer satisfaction are elements that distinguish his work. This award is the right recognition for one who knows always and in every place, when to question himself and accept confrontation and when to take responsibility for making the company choices. Choices that have allowed OmnitechIT to continue to grow year after year, with the satisfaction for all those who have collaborated in various ways.”

Andrea Rizzardini, Sales Director, Pragma Management Systems: “Owners, colleagues and associates of Pragma MS are delighted to be able to congratulate Roberto Mignemi for the prestigious award received as CEO of the Year from Le Fonti Awards. This is a very important and well-deserved recognition, especially because it is recognized at national level.”

Eugenio Nicotra, Marketing OmnitechIT : “I will remember for a long time the event of November 22 at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, a very suggestive location. The award that Roberto Mignemi received as CEO of the year for IT Security Innovation is the expression of his acumen in strategic business choices, the incessant desire to create value, the attention he gives to his people and for the growth of young talents. A great leader, for a great team!”

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