September 2016

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OmnitechIT is the Diamond Sponsor of the IBM Maximo Airport Summit 2016 – Palermo, 3-4 October.

This Maximo Airport Summit is open to all organizations that manage infrastructure at airports at a worldwide level, including air-side and land-side facilities, and operational systems such as baggage handling and security, transit and fleet.

As in last year’s summit in London, UK, we are expecting over 100 representatives from various Airports from Europe and across the globe to exchange ideas, talk with their peers, and meet global thought leadership in Asset Management and not only.

This event is intended to facilitate the verbal sharing of ideas and best practices between Airport Industry colleagues as well as Customer organizations, Business Partners, and IBM.

OmnitechIT will also offer a lecture with speaker Dott. Maurizio Milazzo, Regional Sales Director EMEA. The theme is: THE IT SECURITY HOLISTIC APPROACH: A MANDATORY ATTITUDE TO AVOID IT SYSTEM ATTACKS AND MITIGATE RISKS.

“Interconnectivity is increasing, as airports and their stakeholders leverage digital technology to work together more efficiently” says Maurizio Milazzo “so a right approach to IT Security and ICS Cybersecurity is mandatory, to safely improve the Airport Business”. “We will look at actual scenarios and possible solutions, including the Predictive Analytics approach, possibly the best solution to avoid malicious attacks” closes Dott. Milazzo.

Accelerating safely is possible!

In this digital era, companies need and want to accelerate their business process transformation to reduce operating costs and increase revenues, but the knowledge on how to do it is still lacking.

Cloud infrastructures, Smart working, Internet of Things and Multichannel Customer Engagement accelerate dramatically the possibility to innovate, and the real challenge for Digital Innovators is the safe and continuous availability, integrity, and confidentiality of corporate and customer data.

OmnitechIT, with a very extensive experience in IT Security, has always put data availability, integrity, and confidentiality at the center of its value proposal.

Based on this experience, and with the knowledge that in the near future digital innovation will be driven also from processes activated by data generated by things and assets, OmnitechIT expanded its area of offering beyond IT Security onto the Internet of Things and Enterprise Asset Management.

With these areas of offering, OmnitechIT has all the competences on People, Processes and Technology to develop digital projects in a secure and controlled way, and is the right partner for customers to securely enable digital businesses. Safeboost your business!