July 2016

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SIMEST bolsters the internationalization of OMNITECHIT

SIMEST, a company designed to support the internationalization and expansion of Italian companies, has agreed to invest in the future growth of OmnitechIT.

SIMEST engages as a financial partner with entrepreneurs who want to internationalize their company, financing and capitalizing exporting SMEs. With this move, SIMEST comes a strategic pillar as OmnitechIT continues to expand into the international markets scene.

“We are very pleased to receive SIMEST as an investor and partner into the OmnitechIT Group” says Roberto Mignemi, CEO of OmnitechIT.

Today, OmnitechIT is developing international operations in several countries, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Dubai, and the plan is to continue with both organic growth and acquisitions.

With strong partner relationships with leading vendors in the industry like IBM, HP and CA Technologies, it is becoming an increasing reality to get leverage into new countries and markets around the world.

“With our competence and experience in IT Security and Asset Management, and with our growth plan for the next couple of years, we have a very good chance of becoming a global player in this market. To be able to pursue our goals we also need a strong financial partner, and SIMEST understands and agrees with our plan for the next years.” says Mr. Mignemi.

The news about this partnership is also available on SIMEST website.