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OmnitechIT Academy

OmnitechIT has announced the opening of the OmnitechIT Academy, which will begin its operations in April 2016. It’s not only a new offering, but a special new effort that underlines OmnitechIT’s knowledge and marketshare.

As a partner of reference and through the acquired experience on the field and in the research environments, OmnitechIT makes a bold move to help Clients and interested parties in bridging the knowledge gap and offer new solutions through this Knowledge and Excellence Center. OmnitechIT’s expert trainers, with a widely recognized level of professionalism and expertise and through a carefully designed program, will offer expert insight and share their know-how through courses in SECURITY, NETWORKING, GOVERNANCE, and MANAGEMENT.

“Without information there is no awareness, and without awareness one is unprepared to meet today’s threats and challenges”, commented Anna Conte, the Academy’s Coordinator. “This is one way in which the OmnitechIT personality stands in the market, by being a frontrunner and meeting clients’ and the public’s needs in terms of education and knowledge diffusion.”

The first two offerings, emblematic of this initiative, will be courses on Penetration Testing and Incident Management, starting this May.

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