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Omnitech’s CEO Roberto Mignemi invited as a Keynote Speaker for the Sinteza Conference

One of the most important initiatives in attracting and disseminating the most innovative and cutting-edge developments in Europe today, the Sinteza Scientific Conference, will take place in its third year edition, and Omnitech’s CEO Roberto Mignemi has been invited as a Keynote Speaker.

International submissions in the most recent technology and cyber advancements are the main feature of the Conference sponsored by the Singidunum University in Serbia. The winning papers are recommended for publication in one of Serbia’s most important scientific publications, the Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering (M24).

In this way, more than 600 authors from 15 countries, in a vast array of developers, academics, and industry professionals showcase their most-up-to-date works and research, thus converting Sinteza for a short time in one of the most dynamic and compelling centers of achievement in the Information & Communication Technology panorama today.

“Being a part of such an important event is a great privilege, and an important acknowledgement of Omnitech’s role as a cutting-edge player in the European IT world”, Mignemi commented on his participation.

The conference will take place on April 22nd, when the most innovative papers will be presented and some of the most pressing issues in the world of IT will be discussed.