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First IT production chain in Puglia

Bari – It proposes the specializations of manufacturing but is the first production line in Italy of Information technology (IT): It is called “Puglia Digitale 2.0” ( presented on 1st October in BARI.

Born thanks to the program agreement of 12 million euro signed in 2013 between the Region and seven companies of the District Informatics regional production, the platform is characterized by the active collaboration between the actors who choose end customers (citizens, governments and enterprises ) which offer the assistance to the social and health tourism, the electronic ticketing information services, through extremely innovative applications.

With the use of technology ‘cloud’, which provides for the use of the software on the web and with simplicity, the platform looks like “an ecosystem in which the member companies work together, through the publication and composition of digital services, the generation value for the territory.

It is not a coincidence that ‘Puglia Digitale 2.0’ in two years has allowed entry of more than 70 employees in the seven companies in the District – Exprivia ofMolfetta, Omnitech and Openwork Bari, Gei Inform of Brindisi, Link Management and Technology of Lecce e Parsec 3.26 of Cavallino, which it is comprised of 100 companies with 4,000 employees that produce 800 million turnover. For Gianni Sebastiano, President of the productive Informatics District in Puglia and Exprivia CFO, the project leader, ‘Puglia Digital 2.0′ is the result of a virtuous collaboration between universities and businesses in the district of Puglia which, in the early stages of research and’ implementation of the platform, have experienced a significant growth in employment. “