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OmnitechIt and Okan University close an agreement for a training course post graduate

Istanbul 2015-07-09

OmnitechIT & Okan Üniversitesi arasında başta eğitim, Co-op programı olmak üzere iş birliği protokolü imzalandı. Okan Kariyer Merkezi’inde gerçekleşen toplantıya firmanın Ceo’su Roberto MIGNEMI,Teklif ve Çözüm Direktörü Elio Di SANDRO, Yönetici Ortak Dr. Cem Bülent ÜNAL ve Kariyer Merkezi Müdürü Teoman DUMAN katıldı.

OmnitechIT and Okan University in Istanbul, Turkey, signed Memorandum of Understanding for the program Co-Op in the University Careers Centre.
Ceo Roberto MIGNEMI, Offering Director Elio Di SANDRO, Managing Partner Cem Bülent ÜNAL and Career Center Director Teoman DUMAN.

OMNITECHIT releases Managed Security Services

Rome 2015-07-01

OMNITECHIT releases Managed Security Services
Managed Security Services (MSS), by OMNITECHIT is a set of services created to help organizations be more secure. Most IT systems needs to be available 24×7 and accessable for customers, partners and employees. That also means that organizations needs resources to manage the security aspects around these IT systems. Running this 24×7 is expensive, and many organizations don’t have the capacity and sometimes even the knowledge for a specialized, cost effective, continuous support around their IT systems.
MSS by OMNITECHIT is managed from a Security Operation Center (SOC) in Rome, Italy, within the company headquarter. OMNITECHIT provides a 24×7 service for their clients with a team of highly technical staff, being able to combine deep expertise with efficiency at reduced cost.

“We have seen a demand from our customers to help them to manage the solutions we have implemented” says Roberto Mignemi, CEO of OMNITECHIT. “The lack of knowledge and resources out there within the areas we will offer, makes this a great option for our customers”

OMNITECHIT provides MSS in the following areas of IT Security:

Identity & Access Management and Governance
This area is the core of OMNITECHIT with long experience and deep knowledge in different systems and procedures how to handle and manage identities and access combined with governance in an organization.

Security Intelligence & Event Management
It is of high importance to understand the network traffic and to able to monitor and log the network activities.
OMNITECHIT helps organizations run the SIEM product selected but even more important helps the organization analyze and understand the data collected.

Security Risk Assessment
OMNITECHIT can perform different types of security tests towards the network and applications to prevent cybercriminals to enter into the infrastructure in order to deploy malware and steel valuable information.

For more information contact Loretta Mazzoni, Marketing & Communication coordinator,

Please follow this link to read more about Managed Security Services.