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Omnitech is expanding and taking on a new identity

Rome, november 10, 2014

Omnitech, a leader in IT security services announced today that they are continuing to expand their business in Europe. At the same time the company is changing the name from OMNITECH to OMNITECHIT, combined with a new slogan and a new graphical identity.

The market for IT security services is expanding rapidly in Europe, especially in the areas of cloud and mobile. Many enterprises are changing the way they do business, moving more applications and data to the cloud, and at the same time the employees needs access to the company infrastructure from their mobile devices. These infrastructure changes requires new security solutions.

“We started our European expansion in 2012 in Sweden, and during spring this year we also opened up a company in Norway. During the fall this year we have on-going projects in Spain and Turkey, where we plan to open offices by the end of this year. We also have requests for our services in other European countries right now, and our plan is to continue to expand our organization throughout Europe in 2015-2016”, says Roberto Mignemi, CEO of OMNITECHIT.

“To reflect our plans for expansion in Europe we also decided to change our name, slogan, domain and visual identity”, Mr Mignemi continues.

More information about OMNITECHIT is available at