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Le Fonti Awards 2018

OMNITECHIT is a proud Finalist of the 2018 Le Fonti Awards, the annual award ceremony recognizing organizations that demonstrate corporate excellence in the field of business innovation, leadership, technological achievement and employee engagement.

The award ceremony will be held today, November 22nd, in Milan at the marvelous Palazzo Mezzanotte, starting at 6:30 p.m.. 

OMNITECHIT has been selected for the following categories: CEO of the Year and Excellence of the Year/Innovation and Leadership.


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OMNITECHIT joins the ELITE Network

Today, OMNITECHIT will become part of the ELITE Network, the international program of the London Stock Exchange Group born in Borsa Italiana in 2012 with the collaboration of Confindustria and dedicated to ambitious companies with a solid business model and a clear growth strategy.

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Blockchain ecosystems for italian notaries


One of the most pressing challenges since the early days of the Internet era has been the creation of reliable digital identity systems.

The Italian National Council of Notaries is promoting the development of a widespread and open Blockchain ecosystem.

On October 20th, the partnership between the DEVO Lab of the SDA Bocconi School of Management and the Italian National Council of Notaries organized “The RACE for IDEAS” to address the theme “Blockchain ecosystems for Italian Notaries”, to define new use cases inspired by the principles of traceability, identity and safety.

OmnitechIT was chosen to participate, since our company has a recognized and consolidated experience in the development and implementation of Blockchain solutions, distributed ledgers and IT architectures, along with the prestige of the OmnitechIT Academy.

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OmnitechIT Spain

OmnitechIT Spain is the bright star in the IT Security galaxy

There are different players in the Security field that are fighting to gain visibility in a Market that is itself in great evolution.

One reality that is growing at a fast pace is the OmnitechIT office in Spain. Young and talented people that are walking the path of success at great speed.

OmnitechIT Spain is part of the OmnitechIT Group, a European Leader in IT Security, that since 2013 is more and more a key player in the field, with revenue and reputation mounting at the same pace. Regarding Spain, the story deserves to be told.

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