The OmnitechIT and JBS Partnership is awarded with a prestigious project in Jordan
12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018

The Government of Jordan choses OmnitechIT Group as a trusted partner for its Digital Transformation

The prestigious joint venture between Jordan’s JBS and OmnitechIT is a tangible example of how an Italian company can compete at the highest level with the best European enterprises in providing smart solutions, solid architectures and skilled professionals, led by its strong determination to succeed.


Jordan Muthanna Al Gharaibeh, Jordan’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Emad Suwan, representative of the Jordanian Business Systems Company (JBS) and OmnitechIT Group’s CEO, Roberto Mignemi, signed a contract to develop the Jordan’s National User Identity Management System.

JBS is a leading Jordanian company, operating in the Jordanian market since 2005, is an IT solutions company affiliated to the global Midis Group.

OmnitechIT Group is a leading IT security company operating in Europe since its foundation in 2007, always striving for excellence in integrated information Security Services and Solutions.

By choosing JBS and OmnitechIT as a partner in this venture, the Jordanian Government demonstrated great trust in OmnitechIT’s capabilities and its ability to deliver this long-term project successfully.

Roberto Mignemi, OmnitechIT CEO
“I was delighted by the MoICT (the Jordan Government) strategy in implementing e-Government solutions. This deal represents a crucial project on their agenda that will bring immediate benefit to all Jordanian citizens, and position Jordan ahead of many other countries. Considering the complexity of the project, we are very proud we have found a partner like JBS, the best possible partner to work with, both in project design and in the management of large and complex deals”.

Elio Disandro, Director Offering & Solutions OmnitechIT
“During the negotiations alongside JBS, the OmnitechIT Team established an immediate trust and mutual understanding with the Jordan Government/MoICT. We quickly overcame any potential cultural and language barrier, and technically we were always on the same wavelength. We really enjoy working with them.”

The story

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) of Jordan recently launched their eGovernment program aimed at developing Jordan’s “National Identity Management Project”. The tender for this project was complex, and alternative vendors were considered and shortlisted.
At the end of the selection process, the Jordanian Government decided to assign the deal to the partnership OmnitechIT Group/JBS (Jordan Business Solutions). These two companies established a dedicated Joint Venture to this purpose, integrating JBS’s System Integration and solution development capabilities and OmnitechIT’s expertise in Access management, Federation and PKI technologies.

The Solution

The solution we have designed for the Jordanian government, based on IBM and Bit4ID technologies, has allowed us to make use of our wide expertise in the fields of Access Management, Federation and Digital Signature.

Aldo Lentini, Principal Security Architect at OmnitechIT
“The experience we have gained over many years in the design, implementation and integration of Identity and Access Management solutions for different Customers in Italy and all over Europe and Middle East, has undoubtedly facilitated understanding of the needs of Jordan’s Government. In particular, our great knowledge and experience in the Access Management Federation area has been crucial to determine Jordan’s need to implement an architectural solution, where a unique central Identity Provider delivers authentication and identification services to a large number of Service Providers for Jordanian citizens, just as the SPID Italian project does for Italy.”

Roberto Marianecci, Presales Director at OmnitechIT
“The preparation of the proposal was itself a complex but exciting challenge to overcome. The team of architects in OmnitechIT, JBS, Bit4ID and IBM immediately found the right tuning and synergy to design and implement a very complex solution, providing the Jordanian government with the right tools to achieve the common objectives. We found the same synergy of intent when we started the project in Jordan, finding a highly competent team with which we immediately created a perfect feeling, in a communion of strategy and intents”.


  • Unified access to e-government services simplifies the process and helps citizens by not having to maintain a separate username and password for each service, using a unified set of credentials for all services;
  • Digital signature, through the Jordan National ID or using the digital certificates which simplify access to government institutions;
  • Citizens can use capabilities and features of the new “System” through smartphone applications, using digital certificates and helping citizens in their mobility;
  • Improve Jordanian citizens’ user experience while increasing the security of access and the use of digital government (e-Government) services;
  • Smart civil ID provides higher degree of security of information for the citizen.
Key players

IBM Security Contribution 
One of the highlights of the JBS/OmnitechIT solution in Jordan is offering IBM Security products, like IBM Security Access Manager and Security Directory Server. IBM’s contribution, as the worldwide leader in IT Security that is committed to investing large amounts every year in this area, helped the JBS/OmnitechIT Team add more value to their proposal.

Another important contributor to the JBS/OmnitechIT team was BIT4ID, expert in the area of PKI and Digital Signature technologies. Bit4ID is the vendor chosen by OmnitechIT as a main partner in the MoICT deal dedicated to the digital signature services. BIT4ID was founded in 2004 and is the creator of the Digital DNA solution, integrating the suite for authentication solutions for devices (smartDEVICE and smartSEC), digital identity (smartSIGN) and cryptography (smartCRYPTO).



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