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Accelerating safely is possible!

In this digital era, companies need and want to accelerate their business process transformation to reduce operating costs and increase revenues, but the knowledge on how to do it is still lacking.

Cloud infrastructures, Smart working, Internet of Things and Multichannel Customer Engagement accelerate dramatically the possibility to innovate, and the real challenge for Digital Innovators is the safe and continuous availability, integrity, and confidentiality of corporate and customer data.

OmnitechIT, with a very extensive experience in IT Security, has always put data availability, integrity, and confidentiality at the center of its value proposal.

Based on this experience, and with the knowledge that in the near future digital innovation will be driven also from processes activated by data generated by things and assets, OmnitechIT expanded its area of offering beyond IT Security onto the Internet of Things and Enterprise Asset Management.

With these areas of offering, OmnitechIT has all the competences on People, Processes and Technology to develop digital projects in a secure and controlled way, and is the right partner for customers to securely enable digital businesses. Safeboost your business!

First Training Course in Serbia by the Italian company OmnitechIT

The official training of the Italian company OmnitechIT named ’Identity and Access Management’ was held at Singidunum University from 5th till 29th July, for 20 selected students of the faculty of Informatics and Computing.

The students were given official participation certificates of course attendance by the rector of Singidunum University, professor Mladen Veinovic, PhD, and by Mr Paolo Bruni Managing Partner of the company OmnitechIT. The best students will continue their training for internship starting from 5th September.

This training is one of the first steps in the cooperation of the Italian company OmnitechIT and Singidunum University. The mutual company OmnitechIT Serbia which is currently being founded will be placed in Technological park in Zvezdara, Belgrade. The founders’ agreement will be signed by the President of Singidunum University, professor Milovan Stanisic, PhD, and CEO of OmnitechIT, Mr Roberto Mignemi. Trainings at different levels and lengths for around 20 students from Singidunum University are planned biannually. The trainings will be held in Belgrade and Rome, after which students will gain the first titles such as junior consultant for information systems security. Apart from consulting, the development of specific solutions and integration of professional security systems for big organizations, banks and other institutions in Serbia, eastern Europe and Russian market is planned.

SIMEST bolsters the internationalization of OMNITECHIT

SIMEST, a company designed to support the internationalization and expansion of Italian companies, has agreed to invest in the future growth of OmnitechIT. 

SIMEST engages as a financial partner with entrepreneurs who want to internationalize their company, financing and capitalizing exporting SMEs. With this move, SIMEST comes a strategic pillar as OmnitechIT continues to expand into the international markets scene.

“We are very pleased to receive SIMEST as an investor and partner into the OmnitechIT Group” says Roberto Mignemi, CEO of OmnitechIT.
Today, OmnitechIT is developing international operations in several countries, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Dubai and Serbia, and the plan is to continue with both organic growth and acquisitions.
With strong partner relationships with leading vendors in the industry like IBM, HP and CA Technologies, it is becoming an increasing reality to get leverage into new countries and markets around the world.
“With our competence and experience in IT Security and Asset Management, and with our growth plan for the next couple of years, we have a very good chance of becoming a global player in this market. To be able to pursue our goals we also need a strong financial partner, and SIMEST understands and agrees with our plan for the next years.” says Mr. Mignemi.

The news about this partnership is also available on SIMEST website.

OmnitechIT and Singidunum University cooperate to conceive OMNITECHIT SERBIA, a new training and market-development venture

Bridging into the ever-expanding needs for highly specialized Security consulting, and opening up to broader European and international markets, OmnitechIT and Singidunum University in Serbia have started the new partnership venture in OmnitechIT Serbia, where years of market expertise and know-how will be combined with the most advanced techniques in training new IT professionals in some of the most consolidated areas of cutting edge IT.

“Singidunum University is very pleased and honored to cooperate with OmnitechIT – grand partner of world forces such as IBM, CA, SYMANTEC” says professor Milovan Stanišić, Singidunum President, commenting on OmnitechIT Serbia. “Students will be provided with a chance to acquire high-demanded IT skills. It is predicted that in the years to come, global demand for IT experts will rise up to one million, and we see this as our chance”.

OmnitechIT’s CEO Roberto Mignemi sees OmnitechIT Serbia as “companies and universities need to do applied research taking advantage of the available technologies, so Universities can experiment with the new standards and emerging technologies and training, while companies bring the needs of the market, and therefore, how to apply the research. OmnitechIT Serbia is an answer in the right direction in a crucial moment for these expansion initiatives.”

Opening up to new potentials in professional development in the Serbian student base and workforce capabilities, and developing solutions for the internal Serbian market are a first step, and then expanding those solutions to to the East, South-east Europe and Russia are some of the goals for OmnitechIT Serbia for the near future.

About OmnitechIT

With offices in Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Milan, Bari, Istanbul, Madrid, and Dubai, OmitechIT has specialized in offering highly skilled consultancy with a holistic approach, combining deep specialization in IT Security and Service Management for next generation data centers, cloud and enterprise mobility as well as design and delivery of system integrations and support services. OmnitechIT gives businesses guidance and offers the best solutions based on the customer’s needs, working with all the major vendors in the IT Security industry.

About Singidunum University

It is a higher education institution with the goal to empower young people to be competitive in the market and keep pace with contemporary tendencies and business trends. 
Singidunum University is the first private university accredited under the new Law on Higher Education in Serbia, and now with 12,000 students currently enrolled.
The University successfully cooperates with distinguished higher education institutions from the USA and Europe, as well as with the leading representatives of the Serbian business community.

OmnitechIT Academy

OmnitechIT has announced the opening of the OmnitechIT Academy, which will begin its operations in April 2016. It’s not only a new offering, but a special new effort that underlines OmnitechIT’s knowledge and marketshare.

As a partner of reference and through the acquired experience on the field and in the research environments, OmnitechIT makes a bold move to help Clients and interested parties in bridging the knowledge gap and offer new solutions through this Knowledge and Excellence Center. OmnitechIT’s expert trainers, with a widely recognized level of professionalism and expertise and through a carefully designed program, will offer expert insight and share their know-how through courses in SECURITY, NETWORKING, GOVERNANCE, and MANAGEMENT.

“Without information there is no awareness, and without awareness one is unprepared to meet today’s threats and challenges”, commented Anna Conte, the Academy’s Coordinator. “This is one way in which the OmnitechIT personality stands in the market, by being a frontrunner and meeting clients’ and the public’s needs in terms of education and knowledge diffusion.”

The first two offerings, emblematic of this initiative, will be courses on Penetration Testing and Incident Management, starting this May.

Read more about OmnitechIT Academy

Omnitech’s CEO Roberto Mignemi invited as a Keynote Speaker for the Sinteza Conference

One of the most important initiatives in attracting and disseminating the most innovative and cutting-edge developments in Europe today, the Sinteza Scientific Conference, will take place in its third year edition, and Omnitech’s CEO Roberto Mignemi has been invited as a Keynote Speaker.

International submissions in the most recent technology and cyber advancements are the main feature of the Conference sponsored by the Singidunum University in Serbia. The winning papers are recommended for publication in one of Serbia’s most important scientific publications, the Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering (M24).

In this way, more than 600 authors from 15 countries, in a vast array of developers, academics, and industry professionals showcase their most-up-to-date works and research, thus converting Sinteza for a short time in one of the most dynamic and compelling centers of achievement in the Information & Communication Technology panorama today.

“Being a part of such an important event is a great privilege, and an important acknowledgement of Omnitech’s role as a cutting-edge player in the European IT world”, Mignemi commented on his participation.

The conference will take place on April 22nd, when the most innovative papers will be presented and some of the most pressing issues in the world of IT will be discussed.

OmnitechIT is getting into the Internet of Things market

OmnitechIT is glad to announce that is getting into the Internet of Things Market.
The Internet of Things offer a potential impact of $ 4 Trillion to $ 11 Trillion a year in 2025; an IoT solution can Optimize Operations Reducing Maintenance Costs by as much as 40% and cut Unplanned Downtime of 50% !!
Using Industrial Internet of Things and Analytics, Organizations can significantly improve Operational Performance with Higher Reliability, Business Process Automation, Predictive Maintenance and even Creating New Manufacturing Models.
Thanks to Smart Connected Assets, Organizations can improve Asset Performance targeting Operational Excellence.
Internet of Things implementation can expose Assets and Data to external or internal attack , so Executives could have Cybersecurity concern. Security is a challenge but something that can be addressed by a right IT Risk Management Approach.

“OmnitechIT is the Holistic Risk Management Company” say Roberto Mignemi, OmnitechIT CEO, “… our Customers understand our ability to mitigate Security Risks. Enterprise Asset Management knowledge and expertise, is the second Company pillar” continue Mignemi, “Internet of Things Services and Consulting will complete our offering to support Customers in the Industrial Revolution change” close Roberto Mignemi”.

“Customers are asking our help to Optimize Operating Costs and Maintenance Budget, Maximize Return on Assets and Ensure the Ability to Respond to Market Demand” say Maurizio Milazzo, IoT OmnitechIT Sales Director, “we will support Organizations Optimizing Operating Costs, Reducing Risk of lowering Earnings and Minimizing unforeseen Business Interruptions“, close Maurizio Milazzo.
OmnitechIT will help Organizations to enjoy of Internet of things unparalleled Business Advantages managing IT Risks and avoiding non-authorized access.

Managed Security Services by Omnitech – IBM Event, 9th December 2015

Reducing costs, improving security, efficiency and compliance

On Wednesday December 9th, Omnitech together with IBM, will plan a private visit in two beautiful and historical locations of Rome, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
The evening will finish with a dinner at the Locanda Venerina, which is close to the Vatican Museums, where there also will be a presentation of Managed Security Services and depths of some security topics.
For any further information please contact Loretta Mazzoni – Marketing and Communication Coordinator at the following email address:

First IT production chain in Puglia

Bari – It proposes the specializations of manufacturing but is the first production line in Italy of Information technology (IT): It is called “Puglia Digitale 2.0” ( presented on 1st October in BARI.

Born thanks to the program agreement of 12 million euro signed in 2013 between the Region and seven companies of the District Informatics regional production, the platform is characterized by the active collaboration between the actors who choose end customers (citizens, governments and enterprises ) which offer the assistance to the social and health tourism, the electronic ticketing information services, through extremely innovative applications.

With the use of technology ‘cloud’, which provides for the use of the software on the web and with simplicity, the platform looks like “an ecosystem in which the member companies work together, through the publication and composition of digital services, the generation value for the territory.

It is not a coincidence that ‘Puglia Digitale 2.0’ in two years has allowed entry of more than 70 employees in the seven companies in the District – Exprivia ofMolfetta, Omnitech and Openwork Bari, Gei Inform of Brindisi, Link Management and Technology of Lecce e Parsec 3.26 of Cavallino, which it is comprised of 100 companies with 4,000 employees that produce 800 million turnover. For Gianni Sebastiano, President of the productive Informatics District in Puglia and Exprivia CFO, the project leader, ‘Puglia Digital 2.0′ is the result of a virtuous collaboration between universities and businesses in the district of Puglia which, in the early stages of research and’ implementation of the platform, have experienced a significant growth in employment. “

OmnitechIT – Trendmicro Event

EVENTO OmnitechIT – Trendmicro
Fregene (Roma) 10 settembre 2015 – “Stabilimento La Vela” – Lungomare di Levante
OmnitechIT sta organizzando in collaborazione con Trendmicro un evento per evidenziare come la sicurezza nelle aziende e la gestione sicura delle informazioni è fondamentale considerando le minacce del moderno Cyber crime.
Per qualsiasi ulteriore informazione potete contattare Loretta Mazzoni – Marketing and Communication Coordinator al seguente indirizzo email:

OmnitechIT – Trendmicro Event
Fregene (Rome) 10 September 2015 – “La Vela” – Lungomare di Levante
OmnitechIT is organizing in collaboration with Trendmicro an event to highlight how business security and safety information management is critical considering the modern cyber crime threats.
For more information and details please contact Loretta Mazzoni, Marketing & Communication Coordinator at:

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