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06 Sep 2017
06 Sep 2017

Great Strategies and Effective Privacy are at the Heart of Successful Digital Business

The digital economy provides unprecedented opportunities for tapping new revenue streams and transforming traditional business models. At the same time, competition from both within and outside your industry is become fiercer and regulators are establishing the conditions for conducting digital business safely and responsibly.

How will you as a CIO or IT leader ensure your enterprise makes the right strategic decisions at the core of digital business and protect vital information assets appropriately?

Join your peers at this complimentary Gartner briefing to take an in-depth look at the most critical challenges ahead for CIOs.

OmnitechIT CEO SpeechOmnitechIT CEO Speech

Roberto Mignemi
CEO OmnitechIT

1) The crucial importance of the data and data protection for the Digital Business and Digital Strategy is continuously growing; what is your concrete advice to the CIO’s in order to successfully manage these challenges?

There is no doubt that the data is crucial for the Digital Strategy, but the biggest quality step forward comes from analyzing the data-handling process. In order to enable the Digital Strategy we have to assure that the data management is safe and compliant to the rules.
If we do this, we realize that we have to “see” the overall response and think of the data protection as part of the system.
So, the advice is to:
• create a multi layer complete security system;
• make a data risk analysis;
• apply all or part of the countermeasures available in the system.

The comprehensive view of security allows us not only to protect data and data streams, but also enables and puts to value that data for the digital transformation (API Economy).

2) Shortly explain one of your CIO coaching projects in creating Digital Business Strategy and Data Privacy

Today, GDPR allows us to actually support the CIO together with his CSO.
We are bringing to the market what we think is the correct GDPR approach. Ours is a technological and organizational assessment that verifies the compliance to the norms but also allows the CIO to define the need for a digital strategy.
• Our GRC analysts and our Legal Team make high level Business and data analysis.
• We use a tool to define the risk scoring of various company areas, report for every single non-compliant point and give the available countermeasures.
• Our client can benefit from the discovery of data, understand where is the sensible data and if it’s protected and managed in the appropriate way.
• We submit to our client the Overall State and Necessity Reports.

Why I think this process enables us to go beyond and support the Digital Strategy? Because this overall vision gives us the opportunity to better define the priorities and the project direction.

The Digital Strategy gives the CIO the needed tools to answer the “friend/enemy”, in other words, Marketing (I call it that way, because while it offers many opportunities for the CIO’s, it can also create big complications when it defines it’s own, parallel, unsafe IT system). An overall security system with defined data access makes the creation of used applications easier.
With this in mind, GDPR presents itself as an enormous opportunity for the European companies.

3) What are the company roles that you typically address in regards? Are there emerging new or specific job roles? Which ones?

Our main interlocutors are the CSO’s and the CIO’s. We hear much talk about the Chief Data Officer, but this specific job role hasn’t greatly developed just yet.
An increasing number of CIO’s grasped the power behind the guided digital transformation opportunities, they stopped ignoring what was happening in the marketing area and started taking charge.
We have to create a cohabit environment for both classic and agile activities, keeping always in mind that the key value remains the security of the data management process.

4) In your opinion, what is the level of company maturity in the domain of Digital Business and Data Privacy, and what are the main mid term focal points?

It is really difficult to give an overall maturity level judgment. There are forefront companies while others greatly behind, digital companies and others in great business crisis. Digital transformation will further intensify these differences.
The main focus should be on what needs to be done by the technology (and it’s not clear to all how to use the available potential) and not let this transformation create social problems (Gates computer tax).

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Cristiano Cantù, Sales AM Gartner

9:30 – 10:30 am
Successful Digital Business Is Built on Great Digital Strategies
Ansgar Schulte, Research Director Gartner

Strategy is more important than ever as enterprises strive to exploit digital business opportunities. Different ways exist to earn new digital revenue, and business leaders must clearly identify their digital ambitions and appetite for risk. Information and technology are at the very heart of these key decisions. CIOs must spearhead the strategic planning efforts of the enterprise for digital business transformation and create great digital business and IT strategies.

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Coffee Break

11:00 – 12:00 am
Privacy Pressures: Attack the GDPR Before It Attacks You!
Bart Willemsen, Research Director Gartner

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hovers over organizations like the sword of Damocles, with fines theoretically at an all-time high. Organizations are at various maturity levels, but must move. With so many requirements, it’s hard to see what direction to take. This session deals with the first 10 attention points for security and risk management leaders need to get done before 25 May 2018.

12:00 – 13:00 pm
Vendor Scenario
Ansgar Schulte, Research Director Gartner
Claudio Bastia, Managing Director Italy – Informatica
Manfredi Carissimi, Systems Engineer – Commvault
Roberto Mignemi, CEO – OmnitechIT
Rodolfo Rotondo, Business Solutions Strategist – VMWare

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We are offering an exclusive opportunity to speak directly with the analysts during a private 30 minute consultation to explore solutions to your personal business issues and challenges. If you would like to book a one-on-one appointment following this briefing, please contact your Account Executive.

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