Business needs more Data Scientists! OmnitechIT supports Italian universities – The University of Bari case
31 Jul 2018
31 Jul 2018

Market analyses show that the digital transformation of businesses is no longer a choice but a necessity. In general, the maturity of technologies and the roles associated with them are the cornerstones of true innovation, available for every single company and industrial sector.

Importance of the Data Scientist

The new multidisciplinary approach to information processing highlights the main role of the Data Scientist in obtaining new winning business insights, thanks to the integration and supervision of artificial intelligence services, Cloud, IoT and Analytics.

Thanks to an “adaptive” approach structured for today’s needs and long term requirements, OmnitechIT is highly engaged in spreading its technical knowledge and supporting innovative training courses within the academic world, to fill this critical “job profile” as quickly as possible.

OmnitechIT and university collaborations

Therefore, the OmnitechIT Group is determined to effectively collaborate with the Italian academic world in the fields of research and training, with the aim of generating synergies useful to the path of innovation in companies and the country system as a whole.

In Italy, OmnitechIT plays an active role, in collaboration with university teachers and researchers, by proposing initiatives aimed at developing professional value that enhance personal aptitudes within educational and work approaches of the highest level.

During the first edition of the Summer School in “Mathematical Methods in Data Science” – MMDS18 held in Bari from July 16 to 20, OmnitechIT shared with the student audience, during the 4 days of the event, its capabilities in the field of Cyber Security, outlining scenarios that see this already recognized expertise in the Security area, and expand further in view of new applications of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics as applied to Big Data.

The primary focus of the Omnitech strategy is then focused on projects that see Data Scientists increasingly supported in their work by the use of cognitive technology platforms.

OmnitechIT vision and strategy

The technologies identified and described to the students represent the best available, and enable the rapid collaboration between the Data Scientist’s team and the other company areas.

Excellence and value

This approach develops the potential of Data Scientists by favoring “deep analyses” carried out by mathematical statistical building blocks, such as: embedded analytics, machine learning, deep learning and Big Data Integration Governance systems.
Finally, OmnitechIT illustrated the current company initiatives aimed at hiring Junior and Senior professionals, and the relative career possibilities offered: internships, curricular internships, training.

Students were informed of the ways in which they can report any interest and CVs through the reference channels set up for this purpose.

Conclusion and objectives

The urgency of undertaking the “digital revolution” described above is deeply felt by many companies, and thanks to its experience, flexibility and strategic vision, OmnitechIT aims to create excellence in the world of Data Scientists to shape the future, and creating competitive advantages and distinctive capabilities for all its customers.

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