Your Training is Safe with Us
It’s not only a new offer. It’s a new brand that takes advantage of OmnitechIT’s Know-how and market share.
Our expert instructors, through an Excellence and Knowledge Center, are the point of reference for the research and planning for new activities for the Client. Reinforces OmnitechIT’s image at the consulting level as the partner of reference in the IT Security market.
It’s represented today:
• By a high level of professionalism achieved in the IT Security market, known by Clients and Partners World Wide;
• By the capacity of OmnitechIT’s Specialists to transfer their own know-how to the Client;
• By OmnitechIT’s visibility and value, to understend Clients’ needs.

Catalogue Courses, projected  in Italian and English to consent a wider participation,  and personalized upon request, our courses:
OmnitechIT Academy’s  Objective is to develop new training-delivery methods, with the use of new and available technologies.


Security Specialist Course for new personnelSecurity Specialist Course for new personnel
Training in Security projectsTraining in Security projects
Training Path customized for the clientTraining Path customized for the client

Security Specialist Course for new personnel
For example a few days ago I was in customer to present our Academy Catalog and showed the opportunity to form together a group of junior, then we’re going to sell for some time to them … New business for OmnitechIT.
These are the initiative’s we can and we must carry on with our clients and partner,  the catalog is a showcase that we can use for sale purposes and to understand our customers that there is substance in our training offering and our excellence.
This may be the right time  to collect the real needs of customers for training need or other business

Other collaborations For the training of the new/junior Personnel there are :
• the second edition of the course in collaboration with University in Serbia (April – Selection, May – June Training – July Internship) to training Junior – Security Consultant
• Short Master Cyber Security in collaboration with Bari University (May – Selection, May – June Training – July Internship)

Thanks to these activities we will have new delivery-ready Personnel by September

Short Master Cyber Security 100 Hours
Module 1 – Network Security – Offensive Techniques
Module 2 – Network Security – Detective Techniques
Module 3 – Network Security – SIEM (Security Information and Event management)
Module 4 – Web Application Security
Module 5 – Application Security in Desktop Environment
Module 6 – Mobile Application Security (Android)
Module 7 – Vulnerability, Mitigation and Access Control Management

Training Path customized for the client
Other examples of implemented courses are:
• Behavioral rules for Information Security;
• Social Engineering Awareness and Mitigation;
• Incident Management Process;
• General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Security Game
Innovation Technology requires greater awareness from staff; employees who are aware of the rules of conduct regarding information security, or more specifically  Cyber ​​Security.


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