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OmnitechIT sponsors “The Hack Space” Event

On October 1st, the Department of Informatics of the University of Bari will introduce the event “The Hack Space”.

It is an E.C.S.M. initiative, European Month of Informatics Security, promoted by the European Union to inform citizens of cyber threats and the methods to combat them, to change people’s perception of cyber threats, and provide updated information on cyber protection and cybersecurity.

During the event, the new laboratory of Cyber Security will also be presented by the University of Bari in collaboration with the Puglia Region, IBM Security and OmnitechIT, as part of the Information Security Project.

To attend and to know more about the event, CLICK HERE.

OmnitechIT sponsors The Master in Networks & Information Systems

The Master in Networks & Information Systems, starting October 15th 2018, is a technical training course, certified and designed with the aim of developing Network Administrators and System Engineers.

The course, co-designed by OmnitechIT and Elis, is oriented to the insertion of the students in the workplace.

OmnitechIT is offering 2 scholarships for this Master’s Program


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